air / object

CD by Rune Søchting released 2010.

The sound material on the CD is derived from a recording session of tuning forks in rainy weather. Besides the ringing of the forks the material includes hum from cable, noise from equipment as well as inexplanable strange static that turned out to be quite beautiful once it was amplified.

The material has been treated and composed into a kind of concrete music. Some tracks are very quiet

On the CD tracks with audio are alternated with tracks containing no audio-signal. Below are listed the audio-only tracks.


track list:

[octave/slow wave] - ringing of metal extracted and layered

[noise] - noise of electrical system - empty plug amplifiied

[freeze] - a strange light rattling extracted and hugely amplified - unknown origin

[electrical] - amplified sound of the contact microphone - small movements - electrical instability

[wire/short] - electrical signal. rain falling into an open plug and short-circuiting the wire

[freeze] - light sound found in an “empty” recording - hugely amplified

[deep/tone] - deep resonances


[mobile] - recordings of physical vibration of metal





The CD was released with support from KODA