(Selected works)


Installation by Rune Søchting and Kristoffer Akselbo. Comissioned by DR koncerthuset, The Danish National Radio’s Concert Hall, December 2013. Taking its cue from the question of how new music can emerge, the work stages a number of different renditions of a recorded conversation among a group of choir vocalists about a music that does not yet exist. The work itself approximates various instances of a new possible music as it emerges through systems of transcription and translations of the conversation.

Point Line Plane

Performance at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art. An architectural investigation of the exhibition space. Through the employment of directional speakers mounted on custom made motorized stands, a "concert" were performed with sounds (sine waves and broadband noise) moving through performance space creating various spatial structural patterns.

Playing 1Shanthiroad

Installation based on a site-specific search for silence. One layer of the work was an investigation of the phenomenon of standing waves within the gallery space in 1Shanthiroad, Bangalore. The result was a spatial mapping of the unique resonant properties of the gallery space and how it responds to different frequencies at different locations within the room. Based on this mapping, frequency-specific points of silence were found.

Tale - Speech

Project for "Lydwerk", presented at Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen. The work is an audio-piece based on a 50 year old, found recording of a public speech recorded on a wire recorder. The recorded speech is erased and the work explores the silent moments, pauses, noises and reactions from listeners and ambient atmospheres.

air / object

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Jaago Re Jaaga

Multi channel sound work designed for Jaaga, an open community space in central Bangalore, India. Jaaga is physically a unique 3 story scaffold structure where visitors can stay on all levels. The work explores the spatial transparency of Jaaga. Speakers were installed throughout the building. As a whole the sound-work were designed to create an enclosed 3 dimensional sound-field that at the same time would work as an auditory counter-image to the clear presence of the background traffic and the sounds from the surrounding city.

Bubble Tea

Installation for exhibition in Odense Kunsthal. Recordings of bubbles in water are diffused through piezzo components located under small teacups. The sound blends in with the sounds in the environment and creates a discrete yet strange sonic backdrop in the room

Random A

Collaboration with artist Shih Yun Yeo. Audio-video production. Combining moving image produced via ink on 16 mm film and miniature interlacing of recorded sound, concepts of time, memory and materiality are addressed. Screened at Lasalle college of the Arts, Singapore


Project for the festival Carnival of e-Creativitiy 2010 in Sattal, India involving a workshop and a performance. Participants from a local school (GGIC) engaged in a sonic investigation of everyday objects and developed a joint performance using recordings and digital tools.


Sound installation for a bookshop in Møllegade in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The work investigates the relationship between language, writing and the experience of space. Sounds of writing is heard through a wooden panel above transmitted via transducers. Voices are heard through small speakers around the listener describing memories of spaces

Lydspejlinger / Sound reflections

Outdoor sound installation commissioned by The Museum for Contemporary Art in Roskilde for the exhibition 'KURS: The square'. The echo is the motif for the work that is installed at 'Hestetorvet' in central Roskilde. Sound picked up at the square is being projected by directional speakers as echoes of earlier events.

Life of Shadows

(with Zeenath Hasan) Performance series. Abstracting from the Phad, a clothpainting for storytelling, an overhead projector is used as a storytelling device to create windows that both reveal and occlude the Life of Shadows

Frozen sounds

(with Zeenath Hasan and Astrid Lomholdt), The piece works with memory, time and materiality. Speaker components are frozen inside two blocks of ice. Sound emanates from inside the slowly melting ice.


Garden is a permanent outdoor sound-installation commissioned for the terrace at Vanløse Kulturhus. Garden is an electronically generated sonic environment, diffused over 6 channels of audio. The air is filled with sounds that resemble birds, water, crickets etc. The installation opened May 2008.


12 channel sound installation, played daily at the Atrium in the Royal Library building, Copenhagen. 2008. The sound-only project was developed as an autonomuous auditory extention to the video-project Runner by the artist group EPI. 3 and half minutes of sound fills the open space of the atrium in the Royal Library. The sound of breathing resonates through the building body.

Walking to get lost

Audiowalk/binaural composition for the theatre installation Go To Gate. An audiowalk where the audience wear headphones and are sent on a guided walk. Every step leads them farther from known territory and further towards nowhere.


A 6 channel audio installation for the tunnel under the green house in the botanical gardens. Visitors walk through the tunnel. The walk formed a sonic passage - a slow transition of spaces. The installation opened October 2007


Interactive installation for PLEX-Musikteater. The video-image of an ever-burning candle. Flickering when approached, stirring up a storm.


Outdoor sound-installation with Annette Asp Christensen. Inspired by film noir universe, a cinematic setting where sounds, video-projections and theatre-lights create a dramatic, intensified atmosphere. Narrative fragments scattered in space hint at hidden relations and structures. The installation was made for the outdoor public space gallery, Airplay street gallery.

Pilobolus music

Sound installation based on the shooting of spurs from the fungi pilobolus. The pattern of spurs were registered on a Nikon videocamera-microscope. The emerging pattern was interpreted as a realtime-score for the generation of 6 channel electronic sound.

"Det drypper på fuglsang"

With Anders Elberling. Video-sound installation for the culture-center Fuglsang. Video-images and transformations made by Anders Elberling


Hydrophone-based installation. Soundinstallation with realtime-processing of sound from hydrophone.


Acousmatic piece, presented at different festivals and concerts among others Nordic Music Days 2007, Norrkjöping, interpreted for BEAST speaker orchestra 100 Speakers, Sound Around 2007. The sound-compostion abstrakt was the first in a series of electronic pieces. Working with the idea of a sonic landscape the idea of the piece is to create an everchanging spatial array.The sound material in the piece is carefully created through different types of filtering and physical modelling yet often it seems to have an organic quality resembling a sound-recording. This approach produces an apparent tension between the familiar and the unrecognisable. A certain dream-like logic seems to be involved, like a memory that is only partially accessible.

Music composed for dance-performances, theatre, videos etc. (selected)

Værk for 7 fodgængere (2007), Dansescenen, Copenhagen
Motion, movement, moment (2006), The Danish Academy, Rome
She falls (2006), Aros, Århus
Cross Wide Out (2005), Rydals museum, Sweden
Fall fall she fell (2005), Århus, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, St.Petersburg
deMændt (2005), kasernescenen, Århus
Namedropping (2003), Gran teater for dans, Århus
Out of Joint (2002), Entrescenen, Århus
Tyst (2001), Entrescenen, Århus